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Fall 2015
Nov 28, 2021
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Syllabus Information
Finance for Entrepreneurs - 18569 - FIN 3330 - 001

Associated Term: Fall 2015
Levels: Undergraduate

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Min Tech: 49% or Less Online Instructional Method

Learning Objectives: The University of Texas at El Paso College of Business Finance 3330/CRN 18569 – Finance for Entrepreneurs Fall 2015 Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 PM to 4:20 PM Place: College of Business Administration Building, Room 329 Instructor: Gary R. Hedrick Office: Coba room 216 Phone: 915-747-6033 (office) 915-525-3492 (cell) Email: grhedrick@utep.edu Office Hours: MW Noon to 1:20 Textbook: Entrepreneurial Finance by J. Chris Leach and Ronald W. Melicher, 5th Ed. Cengage Learning, 2015 Course Description: This course enhances knowledge of basic financial management concepts and applies them to starting up, operating, expanding, and selling small business firms. Topics covered include evaluation and preparation of business plans and financing packages for securing financing from banks, venture capitalists, and government agencies. Current developments such as crowd funding will also be covered. Working capital management will be covered in detail. We may occasionally have guest speakers to supplement our understanding of these topics. Completion of this course will hopefully provide future entrepreneurs with the financial skills required to successfully manage the financial challenges of a small business venture. Course Objective: The objective of this course is to give the students a basic understanding of the financial methods and requirements of starting a small business. Successful students will possess a sound understanding of reading, using and preparing financial statements, understand the importance of and the ability to manage working capital, gain an understanding of various possible sources of capital and the advantages and disadvantages of each and have a good understanding of both exit strategies and turnaround situations. Class Policies: Scholastic/ academic dishonesty is prohibited and considered a violation of the UTEP Handbook of Operating Procedures. Any student who commits an act of scholastic dishonesty is subject to discipline. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, collusion, the submission for credit of any work or materials that another person prepared, taking an examination for another person, and any act designed to give unfair advantage to a student or the attempt to commit such acts. Proven violations of the detailed regulations, as printed in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) and available in the Office of the Dean of Students and the homepage of The Dean of Students at www.utep.edu/dos, may result in sanctions ranging from disciplinary probation, to failing a grade on the work in question, to a failing grade in the course, to suspension or dismissal, among others. If you have a disability and need classroom accommodations, please contact The Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS) at 747-5148, or by email to cass@utep.edu, or visit their office located in UTEP Union East, Room 106. For additional information, please visit the CASS website at www.sa.utep.edu/cass. ALL CELL PHONES OR OTHER PERSONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICES SHOULD BE TURNED TO SILENT MODE OR OFF DURING CLASS AND EXAMS. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE ON TIME TO THE CLASS. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ALTER ANY OF THE ELEMENTS OF THIS COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES BASED ON MY DISCRETION ALTHOUGH YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE OF ANY CHANGES. Course Requirements and Grading: Attendance will not be recorded nor is it strictly included as a component of your grade. However, the material covered is generally considered difficult for the average student and is cumulative in its application. You are highly encouraged to attend class and do the assigned homework. We will have five or six exams, including the final. This would suggest an exam every four or five class sessions or so. Your grade is largely based on your performance on these exams. The final will not be comprehensive, since the material, by its nature, is. I anticipate that we will cover at a minimum the first 14 chapters in the text. Pace will be determined by the students’ comprehension as evidenced by performance on exams, so I am unable to specify in advance dates of exams to be given or material covered. I will endeavor to give you sufficient notice of exams. You are also highly encouraged to ask questions. This material is new to most students and may take some time for it to “click.” In addition to exams you will be expected to perform one or more case studies. Your performance on the case studies will comprise 20 percent of your final grade. Grading Format: “A” - 90 TO 100 “B” - 80 TO 89.99 “C” - 70 TO 79.99 “D” - 60 TO 69.99 “F” - 0 TO 59.99 Automatic withdrawals from this class will not be done by the instructor. Missed exams must be made up as soon as possible and may result in a letter grade reduction if, in my sole discretion, the absence is deemed unexcused.
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